March 25, 2015

What is wrong with Italy?

For those who are wondering what is the main worry of the italian population:

Austerity, crisis, economy, politics, globalization, corruption, crime, immigration?

None of those the top issues are shattering Italians' hearts and minds as the following:

Per ore irreperibile. Non rispondeva al telefono, né al campanello. Così la nipote, preoccupata per la sua salute, ha chiamato i vigili del fuoco che hanno sfondato la porta. Ma lei, una signora di 98 anni di Firenze, era tranquillamente e comodamente stesa sul letto ascoltando Eros Ramazzotti a tutto volume nelle cuffie.

La donna non si è accorta di nulla, neanche quando i pompieri hanno sfondato la porta d'ingresso che era stata chiusa, come ha spiegato la signora, con dei lucchetti supplementari per motivi di sicurezza. Alla vista dei vigili del fuoco, piombati nella stanza da letto della sua casa in via Rigutini è rimasta sorpresa. "Cosa è successo?" avrebbe detto impaurita, ma è stata subito rassicurata. Era stesa sul letto con all'orecchio un paio di grosse cuffie da cui si sentiva, anche da lontano, la voce del celebre cantante. L'artista ha poi commentato divertito su Facebook: "Proprio vero, la musica non ha età"

Google translation:

For hours untraceable . Do not answer the phone or the doorbell . So the nephew , concerned about his health , he called firefighters who broke down the door . But she , a lady of 98 years of Florence , was quietly and comfortably lying in bed listening to Eros Ramazzotti at full volume in the headphones .
The woman did not notice anything , not even when the firefighters broke down the front door which had been closed , as explained by the lady , with the additional locks for security reasons . At the sight of the fire , barged into the bedroom of his house in via Rigutini was surprised . "What happened ? " would say scared, but was quickly reassured. She was lying on the bed with a couple of big ear headphones from which he felt , even from a distance , the voice of the famous singer . The artist then commented amused on Facebook : " How true , the music has no age "

This is the most pathetic advertisement conceivable but still the scariest part is the amount of support this non-sense piece of news generated in Italy on the website of one of the major newspapers in Italy Repubblica reached the astonishing amount of :

15 thousand shares!!

By comparison the top news of the day: The tragedy of the Germanwings flight was shared only 573 times.

Following at some distance from the astonishing piece of news of the elderly Ramazzotti fan are the following "unimportant" news on

Practically all the corruption news are relegated at the bottom and almost ignored by everyone.

What does all this tell us at the end about a country?

That the general population is chasing low brain-activity, quick-gratification news that do not require the effort of using more than 1 or 2 neurons.
The news of the old lady listening to Ramazzotti to every thinking person is clearly a form of covert advertisement  which should sound fake and pathetic, if so many shares are present compared to a top news on the airplane disaster either we are facing an inflated appraisal of the share mechanism or a blatant widespread stupidity in the general population.

Either way is not a nice show and not good news for the health of press and of Italy.

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