US weapon of mass turmoil: ISIS

For those who always found ISIS' rise to terrorism stardom a little suspicious; we are learning from the Washington Post that U.S. is directly supplying and aiding ISIS in Iraq. These accusations are coming from senior military figures within the Iraqi army.

“Everybody knows that the Americans are dropping supplies to Daesh,” said Brig. Gen. Abed al-Maliki, a senior Iraqi army commander based in the city of Samarra, about 80 miles north of Baghdad, using another term for the Islamic State.

What’s more, he said, during some of the fiercest fighting around Samarra last year, U.S. Special Operations forces dropped behind enemy lines to assist Islamic State militants.

“They came in with parachutes, and they were helping to bomb the city,” he said.

U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State, he contended, are probably just a cover for efforts to support the group.

“It’s just a show,” he said, sitting in the city’s army command headquarters. “If the Americans want to finish something, they will finish it. If they wanted to liberate Iraq, they could.”
 – From the Washington Post article, In Fight for Tikrit, U.S. Finds Enemies on Both Sides of the Battle Lines, March 27, 2015

Now the real reason behind the USA strategy can be simply a divide and conquer strategy in which control of the region is assured through relentless war boosting the revenue of american defense corporations supplying all combatants.
My theory is that ISIS is becoming a new mercenary force deployed according to the contingencies all over the arab world to create havoc and get rid of unwanted leaders with the added convenience that being a muslim enemy force can also avoid the side effects of christian forces on muslim soil unless requested ad hoc by either the victims or the butchers.