DSK released after playing ball with the conspiracy

From the New York Times:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest on Friday as the sexual assault case against him moved one step closer to dismissal after prosecutors told a Manhattan judge that they had serious problems with the case. 
Prosecutors acknowledged that there were significant credibility issues with the hotel housekeeper who accused Mr. Strauss-Kahn of trying to rape her in May. In a brief hearing at State Supreme Court in Manhattan, prosecutors did not oppose his release; the judge then freed Mr. Strauss-Kahn on his own recognizance. 
What surprise me of this entire story is the clear and manifest lack of subtlety in dealing with all the issue, all this story was stinking from the first moment when NYPD arrested the Head of the IMF in a very delicate moment for both the French Presidential Race and the Greek crisis.
You would imagine that professionals would have verified and double-checked the credibility of the accuser before moving charges and arresting the guilty party, if this is true for every case it is even more true when they were dealing with the potential next president of France and Head of the IMF.
This time though they started a very public stunt of arresting DSK before leaving the country, they sent him to to a maximum and infamous security prison and only after he relinquished his post he was given house arrest.
Then suddenly everyone forgot about him until today, 2 days after the election of the new IMF chief Lagarde (the Finance Minister of President Sarkozy) and 2 days after the Greek government has sold the entire country to the international banking system.
The date chosen for his release is rising even more doubts than the original plot to get him out of the IMF.
He could not be in time to run for president and maybe he was released before deadline simply to avoid an association of this plot with Sarkozy. What is clear is that both US and France wanted him out of the IMF (let us not forget he was an advocate of the end of the dollar as reserve currency) and that DSK has played along while being very quiet; his language has been pacate and he did avoid aside from the first days any publicity with the media. He could have started to release interviews and being vocal on why all this happened but he preferred not.
He knew most probably that he was being given a chance to get out of this conspiracy alive and quietly by playing ball with it and avoiding any fight.
It happened effectively as I thought that charges would be dropped and he would be a free man once he would have relinquished his position. I thought it would have taken more time in order to avoid ringing bells of a conspiracy, but this was not the case.
They have preferred to send a public message. The message it was sent today  is clear: we can hit everyone and everywhere regardless of the status and importance, we can manipulate the media if the case and we do not really care if the plot becomes public or not we just do what we want regardless.
Let's remember what Putin (certainly not a fan of Strauss-Kahn) said after his arrest:
"It is hard for me to evaluate the hidden political motives," the Russian prime minister said in comments posted on the official Kremlin Web site. "But I cannot believe that it looks the way it was initially introduced. It doesn't sit right in my head."
Neither in our heads Mr. Putin!