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May 16, 2011

Strauss-Kahn replace Bin Laden on the stage

The arrest of Strauss-Kahn is a very alarming issue not only for the case in itself but for the ramifications it will have on the global scenario. The issue if guilty or not is going to be debated in court, reactions to this incredible event are much more important at this stage, while some have openly suggested it is a trap others are more cautious.

But what appears is that this event could not have come to a better moment for both France and USA and maybe China too if true that a possible high profile replacement could come from either China, Brasil or India.
Sarkozy got rid of his  opponent to the next presidential elections while for United States this is derailing in the medium term any talks or suggestions of replacing the feeble US Dollar with Special Drawing Rights from the IMF as global reserve currency.
At the same time this is putting extreme pressure on the Euro by effectively removing a key player of the Euro crisis bailout talks.
Strauss-Kahn was supposed to attend a major meeting with Merkel this week in order to find a solution to the now inevitable bankruptcy of Greece and maybe in the coming months of Ireland and Portugal as well.
If there is a conspiracy certainly it has been quite timely in  setting the trap and it could risk precipitating a crisis in the following months, if there is not a conspiracy it is certainly a major blow to recovery and a very strange event indeed. What I would watch rather than his trial in the following months is the media background noise, it seems we are going to forget Bin Laden very soon; a new distraction from more serious crimes has been put on stage.

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