Spent Fuel at Fukushima Plant

Below public data from Tokyo Electric detailing the situation of the spent fuel deposits at Fukushima before the disaster.

Summary of storage capacity and utilization at the various TEPCO NPPs:

Probably the most important chart: this is the most recent status of spent fuel rods at Fukushima:

This is what a typical storage pool looks like. This is the area that supposedly has no water left in it in Reactor 3. Notable is that a spent fuel rods have a 19 month cooling life.

And below is the actual pool that is supposed to have water in it. It is now most likely empty in Reactor 4 and probably does not exist in the other ones.

And while irrelevant for the current discussion, below we present some details about Dry Cask storage facilities:

Below is the schematic of the containment pod.

On the chart below Alarm Monitor 4.