Saudi Arabia bans public protests

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It appears we are set for a major clash in Saudi Arabia; as two public demonstrations are set via Facebook for the middle of March, authorities are scrambling to prevent a possible riot. It appears there are major destabilization forces at work in both Middle East and North Africa, it would be interesting to know if there is an orchestration behind this scheduled implosion of the oil market and our economies and up to which limit the inevitable rise of the oil prices in the following months will bring the world economy. I'm not a fan of conspiratorial theories but what is happening appears like a road map to hell, the fall of the Arabian dominoes has something too methodical in it to be simply attributed to food and frustration only. Let us not forget that in 2008 food prices caused riots just the same in MENA but governments were barely affected in their hold to power, there is something much more sinister going on this time and the reason for all this orchestration is undoubtedly Oil.

From The Guardian:

Ruling by senior clerical council follows two weeks of Shia demonstrations and 22 arrests
Public protests have been banned in Saudi Arabia following demonstrations by minority Shia groups.
The ruling comes after widespread demonstrations in the Middle East – including those that led to the downfall of regimes in Egypt and Tunisia – and two weeks of Shia agitation in Saudi Arabia itself, during which 22 people were arrested.
A statement issued by the country's council of senior clerics said: "The council ... affirms that demonstrations are forbidden in this country. The correct way in sharia [law] of realising common interest is by advising, which is what the Prophet Muhammad established.
"Reform and advice should not be via demonstrations and ways that provoke strife and division, this is what the religious scholars of this country in the past and now have forbidden and warned against."
The statement goes on to make clear the council's stance against political parties, which are banned as they are deemed to be not in keeping with Islam.

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