Inside Job by Charles Ferguson: Greed and Insanity on Wall Street

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I have finally watched the documentary on the financial crisis by Charles Ferguson, a valuable movie to understand the financial insanity surrounding us and the risks we are still undertaking today all in the name of profit and greed.
The movie is intentionally shot in full HD, the director of photography has done its best to bring vivid colors, saturated images and spectacular fish eye panoramas to the movie, you want of course to catch the eye of the spectator toward a very technical subject which needs to be explored in details and at the same time enthrall the spectator with a very interesting soundtrack but even more than that transport the spectator in a scenario of clean and crisp reality, give the impression that you are seeing the big picture in vivid details; as your eyes open to the clarity of the images as well your brain should open to the vivid reality surrounding your life. The main merit of the movie is though to be able to explain complex concepts as derivatives and CDO with clean and smooth graphics that even a baby would be able to understand, it is the first time I see someone being able to explain derivatives in a concise and precise manner which is by itself a major merit of the movie, Michael Moore tried his best in his movie on Wall Street but only managed to confuse people further.
The narrator (Matt Damon) stays on the subject and avoid at all times useless rhetoric and ideology, only facts are reported: no tears (with the exception of a distress mortgage owner lasting 30 seconds), no drama just simple facts which by themselves are the most powerful commentary you can bring out. This is the powerful message of Inside Job and its skillful reconstruction of the events bringing to the current financial crisis.
The mere fact of avoiding judgment at all time highlight even more powerfully the total insanity of our economy.
The conclusion is a little bit weak though something you would expect considering the story is in progress right now and it will take years to be able to draw conclusions.
Resuming a worth piece adding up to the mosaic, something you want to watch and correlate to today's events to find a thin fiber of truth in the evolving madness of our global system.

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