Middle East Oil Crisis

Libya revolution has shown how frail is our economy and how even small sized protests in a small but important country as Bahrain can send shock waves all over the world. As more protests are sure to spread to other countries in the region (with Saudi of course being the key domino whose potential fall would send crude well over $200), below you can find some stats on who is who in the vital oil business. All attention is shifting again to developments in Bahrain, which contrary to the media black out, have not been put under control at all. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Al Jazeera may have allegedly received a "request" from Saudi Arabia to not cover recent events in the region and this is another indication of how tense the situation is getting in the Arabian peninsula.

Population:31.6 million
GDP per capita$2,868
Proven crude reserves:100 million barrels
Gas reserves:1.5 billion cubic meters
Crude production:4,053 b/d (ie, 0.004 mil b/d)
Gas production:60 million cubic meters/year

Population:35.4 million
GDP per capita$4,478
Proven crude reserves:12.2 billion barrels
Gas reserves: 4.5 trillion cubic meters
Crude production: 1.26 million b/d
Gas production: 81.43 billion cubic meters/year

Population:10.6 million
GDP per capita$4,160
Proven crude reserves:0.6 billion barrels
Gas reserves:2.97 billion cubic meters
Crude production:86,000 b/d
Gas production:65.13 billion cubic meters/year

Population:6.41 million
GDP per capita$12,062
Proven crude reserves:46.42 billion barrels
Gas reserves:1.55 trillion cubic meters
Crude production:1.58 million b/d
Gas production:15.9 billion cubic meters/year

Population:80.5 million
GDP per capita$2,771
Proven crude reserves:4.4 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:742,000 b/d
Gas production:62.7 billion cubic meters/year

Population:6.4 million
GDP per capita$4,434
Gas reserves:2.97 billion cubic meters
Gas production:250 cubic meters/year

Population:22.2 million
GDP per capita$2,892
Proven crude reserves:2.5 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:376,000 b/d
Gas production:5.8 billion cubic meters/year

Saudi ArabiaOPEC
Population:25.4 million
GDP per capita$16,641
Proven crude reserves:264.59 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  7.9 trillion cubic meters
Crude production:8.4 million b/d
Gas production:78.45 billion cubic meters/year

Population:23.5 million
GDP per capita$1,231
Proven crude reserves:2.7 billion barrels
Gas reserves:0.49 trillion cubic meters
Crude production:298,000 b/d
Gas production:454,700 cubic meters/year

Population:2.97 million
GDP per capita$18,041
Proven crude reserves:5.6 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:810,000 b/d
Gas production:24.8 billion cubic meters/year

Population:4.62 million
GDP per capita$47,407
Proven crude reserves:97.8 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:2.34 million b/d
Gas production:48.84 billion cubic meters/year

Population:1.64 million
GDP per capita$74,423
Proven crude reserves:25.38 billion barrels
Gas reserves: 25.4 trillion cubic meters
Crude production:820,000 b/d
Gas production:89.3 billion cubic meters/year

GDP per capita$19,641
Proven crude reserves:
Gas reserves:0.09 trillion cubic meters
Crude production:48,560 b/d
Gas production:12.8 billion cubic meters/year

Population:3.48 million
GDP per capita$32,530
Proven crude reserves:101.5 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:2.31 million b/d
Gas production:11.49 billion cubic meters/year

Population:31.23 million
GDP per capita$2,626
Proven crude reserves:115 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:2.66 million b/d
Gas production:1.15 billion cubic meters/year

Population:74.1 million
GDP per capita$4,484
Proven crude reserves:137 billion barrels
Gas reserves:  
Crude production:3.66 million b/d
Gas production:175.7 billion cubic meters/year

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