The Italian Hypocrisy

Thousands join marches for respect and values in a country with a gender gap worse than Kazakhstan's.
According to the World Economic Forum's latest global gender gap report, Italy ranked 74th out of 134 countries surveyed — 33 places below Kazakhstan. It scored particularly badly on economic participation and opportunity. Less than half of Italian women have a job and the notion that they should not return to paid work after having a child is still widespread.
Leaked documents from the inquiry into Berlusconi's private life are shot through with indications that aspiring showgirls in Italy are expected to give sexual favours. One claims to have been told by a talent scout who is close to the prime minister that she will have to make "sacrifices" if she wants to get ahead.

An important message for sure but still very far from representing the real attitude of the average Italian, when they will have to vote again hopefully this spring they will vote again for whoever will bring them small favors or gratitudes and the chance of a permanent job, ideals have never belonged to the Italian politics and doubtful they will count during the next campaign, there is an old saying in Italy "predica bene e razzola male" which means that you can preach ethical values and high ideals but when it comes to action you do exactly the contrary in protection of you petty interests.

Berlusconi would have never been able to do what he did in another western country and the only reason he was allowed to destroy a country is due to the fact that Italians either would do the same in his position or simply do not care, the distorted moral compass is not only Berlusconi's but belongs to an entire country which still today look at principles and integrity as a sign of weakness or lack of contact with reality. The concept you can shape the world with your actions does not belong to the italian social culture, there are no heroes or leaders, ideals are not appreciated as a sign of character but rather despised as a sign of weakness bordering insanity.

No wonder that with this frame of mind the real heroes are the con artists, the fraudsters and big thieves who are able to bend the few rules left to their convenience, they are respected for their sleaziness and admired for their ability in stealing from the public, sad though that no one envision the fact that Italy is literally being plundered.

When the system will collapse the rage of the people will be directed to the establishment and it will be furious because deep down it will be directed to them as well for having been so gullible and having allowed the destruction of their future.