First pipeline attack in Egypt

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The following news has been reported by AFP on a still vague report of an attack to an Egyptian pipeline:

Unknown saboteurs attacked an Egyptian pipeline supplying gas to Jordan, forcing authorities to switch off gas supply from a twin pipeline to Israel, an official told AFP.

This brings us back to the consequences of the game being played in Egypt and how delicate the situation can become.
Egypt supplies about 40 percent of Israel's natural gas, and in December, four Israeli firms signed 20-year contracts worth up to 10 billion dollars (7.4 billion euros) to import Egyptian gas.
The attack came after Israel expressed concern that its natural gas supplies from Egypt could be threatened if a new regime takes power in Cairo.
Israel could find itself forced to intervene in the conflict to protect the south border and Gaza and to reestablish vital supplies if any further disruption should take place. What appears clear is that a major "Great Game" is taking place in Egypt and major changes in the region could take place in the following months.

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