Dating tips for Valentine's Day

Funny and interesting article from the Guardian on how to boost your chances on Valentine's Day.
Some interesting excerpts below:

Tip 1: Always offer a warm cup of tea
A brilliant study by psychologists has shown that temperature can influence your date's judgement of your personality. In one experiment, participants who held a cup of hot tea were more likely to judge another individual as having a "warmer" personality, compared with participants who were given a cup of iced coffee to hold.

Tip2: Shout in the right ear
It comes from a pair of Italian psychologists with the help of a young female actress. She would approach
individuals of either sex in nighclubs and simply ask for a cigarette. Since nightclubs are so loud, it seemed reasonable for her to lean in and speak directly into their right or left ear.
Unsurprisingly, the men were more likely to offer one of their cigarettes than were the women. The impressive finding, however, was that people of either sex were significantly more likely to comply with the request when it was received by the right ear, compared with the left.

Tip 3: Hide your feelings
A study published this month in the journal Psychological Science suggests that You might do better to keep my mouth shut, at least with respect to my feelings. College-age women viewed Facebook profiles of four male students who had previously viewed their own profiles, and were told that the guys' responses indicated that they liked them a lot, liked them a little, or that their responses were ambiguous. (The Facebook profiles were fictitious, as were the responses.)
Unsurprisingly, women were more attracted to the guys who said they liked them a lot, compared with the guys who were more lukewarm. More interesting, however, was that the women were most attracted to the men who had been ambiguous.

Tip 4: Wear red
Everyone, male or female, likes red. In a 2008 study, University of Rochester researchers write, "red is hypothesised to serve as an aphrodisiac for men because it carries the meaning of sex and romance." Some have suggested that the preference among men for red has biological origins, while others maintain that the association of red with romance is cultural. Whatever the case, in five different experiments, the researchers found that women wearing red or posing in front of a red background were rated by men as more attractive and more sexually desirable than women wearing other colors.
A 2010 study by the same researchers found that women also preferred men wearing red clothes, or in front of red backgrounds. And not just that: women thought that men wearing red were of higher status.
Interestingly, neither gender is actually aware that they prefer red, suggesting that the red preference may be an unconscious one.

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