The Coup

There is no doubt that any Italian who cares about his/her country will be more than happy to see Berlusconi toppled from the government, it is quite clear to anyone with a minimum of common sense that this government is simply there to rob the state and that needed reforms are not being done neither planned. The country is in deep recession, the debt is rising to dangerous levels, the social cohesion is being torn apart, degeneration and decline are everywhere and there is no future at the horizon.

There is a systemic risk of collapse of the country and should it happen the shockwaves will be felt all over the world.

Leaving aside the rhetoric on Nero/Berlusconi singing while Rome is burning, Berlusconi is increasingly becoming a threat not only to Italy but to the entire Euro area and consequently to the global economy. His inaction and corruption are turning an already catastrophic situation into total Armageddon.


Italians are unable and/or unwilling to get rid of him so a new way to get rid of this psychopath had to be devised.

How can you remove a Prime Minister of a Western country who has a 70% approval rating that control all the Italian media and that has placed his cronies in all the key positions of the government. In a third world country you organize a coup but in Italy? The only way is external pressure and turn his cronies against him. Until his servants will find an economic and political advantage to consort with Berlusconi he is safe, but if the external pressure on the media depicts him as weak and unstable his cronies might think that is time to jump ship before it is too late, and nowhere more than Italy the art of jumping ship has reached such sophisticated levels. Few defections from the ranks have started to appear and more will follow shortly. The situation though is complicated in Italy by the lack of a serious contender to Berlusconi, decades of lack of meritocracy in the country have impeded to create real leaders and have brought to the political scenes only petty criminals and servants with an huge appetite for ransacking and plunder but lacking the intelligence and the capacity to be players in the great global game.

On one thing Berlusconi is right, there is definitely a plot against him and for sure it is a very elaborated one.

The Times of London last week published an article where reliable and anonymous sources inside the Italian government where declaring that an exit strategy from Berlusconi was being seriously contemplated.

Nothing specific but sufficient to raise in the readers the idea that the boat is starting to sink or rather sufficient to send a message to the cronies of the PDL that is time to switch side and repudiate the Prime Minister if they want to survive. The message has not gone un-listened in Italy and we have seen one of Berlusconi’s top servants Giuliano Ferrara to be critical with an article on “ Il Foglio” newspaper. Quite astonishing that Ferrara a notorious servant of Berlusconi can have the audacity to go against his master publicly, a clear sign that Berlusconi is day after day looking like an unstable psychopath who has lost control and touch with the reality. His latest denial of the economic crisis and a public call to muzzle the press trumpeting the latest GDP figures sounds more and more the cry of a seriously stressed and scared man, weakened and unable to face the reality that is overwhelming him.

This week both Times and Independent have come back with new articles where they are asserting that Berlusconi is going to be ousted from power and replaced from Draghi the actual governor of the Bank of Italy.

Draghi is a very interesting character in this story, regardless of his low profile is a very important actor in the global game.

He is one of the few Italians belonging to the Bilderberg Group that some conspirational fanatics see behind the New World Order design. He is a low profile, professional that avoid any quarrel and seem an oasis of tranquility in a turbulent country.

Giulio Tremonti the financial minister hates him and his attacks to Draghi are a constant leitmotiv of any financial discussion.

Draghi has rarely even answered back to Tremonti’s attacks, maybe because its nature is non confrontational a rare virtue in a quarreling country or maybe simply to show that he is above petty quarrels and that he does not even deign himself to answer back to the poor low cast Tremonti.

Anyway whatever the reason Draghi is clearly one of the few influential persons in Italy, esteemed internationally and with a astonishing curriculum and maybe for this reason despised by many politicians like Tremonti.

One would think now that this change would be great for the country, remove a psychopathic degenerated  Nero-Berlusconi for a talented, smart professional and humble Draghi.

Maybe, but what if all this plot against Berlusconi was in first place to open the road for Draghi to become the leader.

Berlusconi has created a dangerous void of democracy in the country destroying any possible alternative to his rule and destroying the rule of law with his legislation that has silenced the judicial system has removed the last vestiges of balance and check powers in the Italian laws and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

With this extraordinary powers in his hand whoever will replace Berlusconi will have unchecked powers not sanctioned by a popular vote and it is doubtful that he will be eager to relinquish them with an electoral and legislative reform.

Berlusconi is a disgrace to Italy certainly but whoever will follow must be closely monitored. We want to be careful to sing victory when Berlusconi will be gone since the alternative could be even scarier than him.


Anonymous said…
There was also a letter from Cossiga, former Italian president, suggesting some kind of exit strategy...