Fascism in Italy

Freedom house has again downgraded the rating of Italy with the following justification:

The region (Europe) registered one status downgrade in 2008, as Italy slipped back into the Partly Free range thanks to the increased use of courts and libel laws to limit free speech, heightened physical and extralegal intimidation by both organized crime and far-right groups, and concerns over media ownership and influence. The return of media magnate Silvio Berlusconi to the premiership reawakened fears about the concentration of state-owned and private outlets under a single leader.

Politicians did not even bother to comment to the embarrassing downgrade. What do they care if the image of the country is tarnished abroad, they are too busy corrupting and plundering the country. We are now enviably located between Benin and Tonga, the only European country to be partly free, good job Italy! Few years more and we can proudly accomplish the return of totalitarism in the country.

Full report and map is available HERE